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Let us guide you and help develop your doctoral skills, improve your theoretical proficiency and academic English.


We offer educational law study support and essay writing services which are competitively priced, confidential and plagiarism free.

Elocution for lawyers

Our intensive training is designed for those who want to become more articulate or overcome their fear of public speaking.

Law tuition

We offer tailor-made online lessons and courses which teach you everything you need to excel with your law studies.

Law PhD services

Our confidential PhD law services are designed to offer high-level training, improve your doctoral and methodological skills, legal proficiency and academic English. Learn how to analyse, reason, ask questions, structure, and reflect. Receive guidance from start to finish, whether with your PhD proposal, literature review, Viva preparation or your journal or conference paper.

LLB/LLM essay service

When attending law school, we quickly realise that being a law student means reading a lot, analysing primary and secondary sources and applying logic and creativity to solve a problem. Our tailored model law essay writing service and dissertation writing service provides essential guidance for law students who are unfamiliar with writing an essay.

Elocution for lawyers

As a prospective solicitor or barrister, you are expected to possess superb communication skills. Linguistic competence, including speaking RP (Queen's English), is highly advantageous. However, some of us fear public speaking. Our intensive training covers important aspects of public speaking.

Law tuition

Develop solid academic skills

We offer tailor-made online lessons and courses which teach you everything you need to excel with your law studies. We will support your learning objectives, teach you time management and accompany you every step of the way. Individual private lessons in preparation for your law exams with detailed exam correction and analysis of individual weaknesses.


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All instructions are dealt with confidentially. No information about you or the work will be shared with any other third party. Our work is plagiarism free. None of our work is resold or republished. Instead, the work becomes solely owned by our clients. We deliver work on time in accordance with our clients' deadlines.