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Introduction & History

Essaylaw.co.uk is part of Lexcity.org Ltd, which was founded by Tanja Suessenbach in 2007. Tanja obtained a LLB from King's College London and graduated with a Masters in International and Comparative Business Law with distinction. Tanja achieved the first prize at the International Intellectual Property Moot at Oxford University and at the UK Environmental Law Association Junior Moot.

Tanja was also awarded the Intellectual Property Law Scholarship and Honorary Membership by the Intellectual Property Institute London. Just as Tanja has a tremendous passion for legal studies, we share this enthusiasm and enable our clients to develop the legal skills, which enable them to excel.

Our principles

We strongly believe in maintaining the highest standards, helping our customer to excel and pride ourselves to deliver quality work. This means being

  • professional and courteous
  • enthusiastic
  • honest
  • ethical
  • fair and just
  • personal
  • punctual
  • dedicated

We work closely together with our clients to identify their short, medium and long-term objectives and pride ourselves in providing professional quality services.

Our culture is shaped by our core principles. We are committed to learning, embrace technology and new ideas. Our mission is to empower individuals to advance their lives through knowledge.

Our aim

Our aim is to promote excellence in education, to foster cognitive learning, to encourage students to make use of their knowledge and to become critical and independent thinkers, who are dedicated to lifelong learning.

Our purpose is to provide guidance, so that knowledge gaps are bridged and academic preparation is furthered, to offer quality education through foundational services and to promote academic excellence. For this purpose, we embrace a holistic learning concept, as every individual is unique and learns through different methods.

Our various educational services and products are designed to assist our customers to realise their full potential and to prepare them for the global knowledge economy through effective teaching and learning methods.