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Law problem questions and answers

Useful tips

1. When answering a legal problem question, do not repeat the facts of the problem question, as this wastes useful time. Do not waffle, but be succinct.
2. Start discussing the claims of each party in the same order as they are mentioned in the problem question, except that are good reasons for not doing this.
3. Structure your argument of the legal topics in a coherent manner.

4. If the facts are uncertain, discuss how the law would treat the different factual alternatives. Such a discussion shows your knowledge of the different legal alternatives.
5. Do not simply copy your statute books, as this will give you no credit, but just mention the relevant section in your argument.
6. You will also not be given any credit for repeating the same law, which you have already discussed. Instead, simply state that the same law applies as already above-stated.
7. Write in a neutral tone.
8. Come to a conclusion, i.e. state whether the party has got a good claim. Ensure that your conclusion fits your legal discussion.