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Law revision and how to write law essays

The importance of memorising, active learning and planning to excel at law exams
Problem questions: Many students ask themselves how to answer law problem questions: Just follow the Issue, Relevant law, Application to facts, and Conclusion (IRAC) system:

Law problem questions and answers:

• useful tips
• Legal writing tips
• Law essay tips
• Problem question tips
• Exam revision tips
• Exam revision tips

Try following these instructions

• Plan your revision carefully, including your time and prepare a time schedule
• Select revision topics and revise particular topics one by one
• Review your lecture and seminar handouts and your notes
• Read the recommended textbooks and articles and takes notes
• Start memorising case names and relevant facts and/or principles
• Understand legal concepts and spell out definitions
• Ensure you use terminology correctly
• Try and understand the bigger picture when you study a particular topic
• For each topic, prepare a structure and summary of the main points and relevant cases
• Start memorising cases and statutes and arguments
• Prepare answers by formulating your own hypothetical questions and then compare your answers with text books and discuss with your classmates
• Go through past exam papers and identify which topics have always come up in the past or are most likely to come up. Also go through your seminar notes and try and identify important topics
• In case a topic is interlinked with another, explain this