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Model law essays help law students to excel in their studies

When attending Law School all depends on the exam performance and assessed essays. Some law exams are open book, whilst others are closed exams. Irrespective of whether the law exams are closed or open exams, you have to know the law, cite the correct primary and secondary sources, and know how to apply the law to the particular context, put forward the right arguments and then contrast them. However, without being taught how to write a law essay and practising to write like a lawyer, you will find it difficult to write a good law essay. Essaylaw.co.uk is there to show you how to write a quality law essay.

Sometimes an essay question is broad, whilst on other occasions it can be quite narrow. In case the scope is narrow, it is pertinent to only discuss relevant matters, as no credit will be given in respect of irrelevant matters.

A model law answer makes clear what the question is asking, explains the salient legal provisions and relevant concepts and how to apply them and highlights what judges and academics are thinking in respect of the particular area of law. A model law answer explains the ratio of a case or why a particular case is important and provides a clear account of the important facts and the decision.

Model law answers also teach how to use sources correctly, i.e. provide an example how OSCOLA works in practice. This is very important, as often students use citations incorrectly or their style is inconsistent. The bibliography informs students how wide the research should go and shows them how to prepare the bibliography.

Students learn to structure and organise their law essay, so that there are clear signposts, which guide the reader. Analysing a model law answer helps realising how to choose the right title, sub-headings and paragraphs and what should generally be written in the introduction, the main body and conclusion. Accordingly, having a model law answers greatly assists with planning the answer. Sometimes students adopt a too casual writing style and a model law essay gives an idea about the language, which should be employed when writing a law essay. All of this can avoid a clumsy presentation.

Using a model law answer as a starting point to conduct further research helps overcoming a lack of knowledge of the topic. For some students, a model law answer is particularly useful to realise how to filter out redundant information. Overall, students learn good law essay writing techniques, how to competently employ primary sources and legal materials and develop an argument, which answers the essay question.