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Understand the life of a PhD Student: overcoming its challenges

Committing to a PhD means spending lots of time in the library in order to realise academic ambitions. Even those, who treat a PhD like a full-time job, quite often spend a considerable time figuring out what they are doing. The question whether a topic is fit for a PhD can be worrisome, especially if it takes a long time to work this out and may result in many changes to the PhD. Most universities require that a PhD is completed within three years.

This can add pressure and result in some students dropping out of the PhD. Clearly, undertaking a PhD can be hard work and become an emotional drain, especially if not much progress is made.

At times, as a PhD student you may feel isolated because you spend a lot of time undertaking research. This is because PhD work is not project based. However, there are many networking and conference opportunities and it is crucial to self-promote yourself. For instance, PhD students should publish and present academic papers. This can all result in the workload building up, especially since some tasks can involve a lot of menial work. For instance, some students may not get positive results from their data and their publication may suffer as a result of this. Also, law always changes and you may have to amend your entire thesis because of a legislative amendment. This can be frustrating as writing a PhD can become your baby and not succeeding in the way you had thought can conjure up negative feelings. It is therefore all about persevering or giving up.

Of course, receiving good guidance and feedback and structuring one's day can help overcome these problems. The thought of failing can thereby disappear and anxiety can be overcome. Having us as your mentor can therefore be an invaluable support. We share your passion about your subject and can comfort you by providing practical support.