How to use the model answer?

Our model essays, model dissertations and example chapters help with getting started with the research and to develop your own piece of work. Accordingly, use our services to get an understanding of the topic. Read every part carefully and take notes. Formulate your own arguments and ideas. Study the references carefully and identify further relevant sources. Use the additional information to prepare your own work. Hence, utilise our work as guidance, e.g. get familiarised with important sources. Make sure that you write your own original work and base it on your own understanding of the topic. Do not hand in the model answer, as this constitutes plagiarism.

Fair Use Policy

Do not submit the custom model essay, problem question, proposal or example chapter as if it is your own work. This is not the way in which our services are intended to be used. Our services inform students how a particular topic should be addressed. There are many ways in which a topic can be approached.