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Law tuition

Undergraduate & postgraduate law tuition

Learning, independent of time and place - and success included. The only requirement is internet access.

Contract law, trust law, property law....Law students have nothing to laugh: The material they have to study is complex and extremely extensive. The preparation for the exams is tedious and requires great discipline. Finally, repetition and exercises should not be started just a week before the exams, but should be spread throughout the year. To support the budding lawyers, we have developed a multi-media online land and trust law exam revision course. Additionally, you can book our experienced teachers on a one-to-one basis to prepare you for your law exams.

Online education services

We also offer a pre-law school course to all those wishing to have a head start with their law degree, as well as intensive law exam preparatory courses in all of the core subjects.

With our online lessons, you get to study law when and where you want. We offer tailor-made lessons and courses which teach you everything you need to excel with your law studies. We will support your learning objectives, teach you time management and accompany you every step of the way.

  1. Increase your chances of good grades
  2. Pass your law exams safely
  3. Develop solid academic skills
  4. Intensive, exclusive one-to-one law tuition

Individual private lessons in preparation for all exams during your law studies with detailed exam correction and analysis of individual weaknesses.

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