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PhD Consultancy

PhD Law Consultants | Dissertation & Thesis Writing

We provide professional advice to students wishing to undertake a PhD in law and in interdisciplinary fields. Our academic support services give you the additional study support to excel in your studies. Refine your work to the required PhD standard, so that you can achieve a higher thesis classification. Let us help you from the beginning to end, from finding the most suitable university and preparing you for your PhD studies to proofreading and editing your final thesis.


MPhil/PhD application

Whilst undergraduate students can apply through the UCAS system in the UK, there is no such system available for PhD students. Instead, most universities require students to apply online or to submit an application form. Students are required to complete the relevant forms, provide supporting documents and a research proposal, including a thesis outline, so that a suitable supervisor can be identified. Students may be asked to detail how the PhD research proposal relates to existing research, to explain the objectives, aims and research questions, to detail the methodology, sources, particular framework and to spell out why the research constitutes an original contribution. Our custom written and original work provides you with all the information to help you through the PhD application process.


Our model content fits your particular field of study and can be used for a variety of purposes: for your conference call and tutorial, to highlight how academic work should look like, to discuss the required reading which should be undertaken and to provide you with a rich source of material on which you can base your research.


Methodology chapter

The methodology chapter of a PhD thesis is normally written after the literature review has been completed. It is useful to remind the reader of the main research questions and the problem and to outline the central research approach. Explain which methodological tools you will employ.  For instance, explain your chosen ontology, epistemology, research design, philosophy and strategy. Give justifications why your method is sound and make clear what the underlying rationale for choosing the particular methodological approach is and compare it to other methods and give reasons why your method is better. Discuss your data collection methods, your sample and analysis procedures and detail why your research possesses reliability, validity and/or generalisability. Also, reflect on ethics. Consequently, the methodology explicates your data sources, the techniques you employ to gather the data and discusses why you choose these methods. It is of utmost importance to choose the right methodology. Hence, you have to not just describe the methodology, but you also have to defend your particular methodology. For instance, if you employ an analytical approach, you have to state what makes your research analytical, the reasons for this and what you intend to achieve by employing this particular technique. Accordingly, you have to make clear why your technique is important and helps achieving the research objectives. For students, who are unfamiliar with the qualitative, quantitative or mixed method approaches, this can be a difficult task. However, with our assistance, writing the methodology chapter can be easily mastered.


Quality guarantees

Meeting the PhD standard

Our work meets the quality standard required at PhD level and when work is being published.


All instructions are dealt with confidentiality and no information about you or the work will be shared with any other third party.

Close contact with your mentor

All our clients can discuss the services and build up a close relationship with their mentor.

Original work

Our work is plagiarism free and accords with the requirements of our clients. All our work is produced in accordance with stringent quality checks.

No reselling/republishing

None of our work is resold or republished, but instead the work becomes solely owned by our clients.

Prompt changes

In case changes are required, we always endeavour to undertake them as quickly as possible.

Adherence to deadlines

We are extremely punctual and deliver work on time in accordance with our clients' deadlines.


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