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Proofreading, editing & law comments

PhD | Proofreading & editing

We provide professional academic editing and proofreading services. Our subject specialists understand what makes a good thesis. We pride ourselves in identifying and correcting inadvertent errors and other mistakes, as we understand your subject and can therefore ensure that your arguments are clearly conveyed. We use track changes, so that you see which changes have been made to your PhD thesis.

Correcting references:

Proper references are extremely important. Sources of ideas and words have to be attributed to the authors. All articles, books and other sources have to be acknowledged. This is done by citing the source. Legal citation shows that you have made recourse to a wide variety of sources, which deal with the subject, have taken into account the opinions of different academics and are justifying your arguments. A failure to correctly reference can result in an allegation of plagiarism. Many law schools in the UK require that you comply with the Oxford Standard for Citation of Legal Authorities (OSCOLA). This means that you have to follow a particular format when you cite authors in your footnotes and also in your bibliography. In case you do not study law or have chosen an inter-disciplinary subject, you may have to use Harvard referencing. Irrespective of the particular referencing standard, we correct your references, so that you comply with the required standard.

Preparing bibliographies:

When preparing bibliographies, it is important that the correct format is followed. When undertaking a PhD in law, it is important that the bibliography distinguishes between primary sources, namely cases and statutes, treaties and secondary sources, namely books, journal articles and internet articles. This means going through all the footnotes in your thesis and separating them into these different categories. Also, read the main content chapter to identify any additional sources. Also, order them alphabetically. Certainly, this can be a laborious task. With our track changes, you will be able to identify mistakes and learn how to address them.


We provide professional and constructive feedback, so that you achieve the required standard. We analyse the primary and secondary sources employed, the arguments, whether you are meeting your research aims, the structure, grammar, vocabulary, style and referencing. We will point out how you can improve your work, comment on aspects which should be addressed, highlight mistakes and direct you to important sources, you may want to read and include.
Accordingly, our critique evaluates whether you demonstrate knowledge and understanding by benchmarking your work against some of the following criteria:

  • analysing relevant material
  • synthesising a broad range of sources
  • commenting in an original and innovative manner
  • displaying independent thought
  • showing an understanding of theoretical aspects
  • demonstrating a broad knowledge base indicative of a depth and breadth of reading

We also assess your intellectual and professional skills by applying the following criteria:

  • responding appropriately to current debates
  • being able to contrast difficult opposing positions
  • commenting and responding to criticism
  • demonstrating an understanding of critical concepts and application of them
  • making competent use of analytical terms and vocabulary
  • integrating relevant sources
  • remaining focused
  • providing well selected and relevant examples
  • presenting cogent arguments
  • applying concepts and theories to new situations

Our marking/feedback service also investigates whether you have shown excellent technical skills by applying the following criteria:

  • adopting a creative and easy to follow structure, which emphasises important points
  • demonstrating an excellent ability to outline
  • using references correctly
  • writing English at a high standard

With the track changes, it is very easy for you to see and implement our improvement suggestions. We can also arrange a Skype or telephone conference to further explain our feedback and comments.

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