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Proofreading, editing & law comments

Undergraduate & postgraduate | Proofreading & editing

Our specialists ensure correct spelling and punctuation, flawless grammar and syntax and that resources are correctly cited.

Our legal proofreading and editing services ensure immaculate spelling, punctuation, grammar and consistency. Legal proofreading and editing is crucial since the meaning can be significantly affected.

All our proofreaders have studied law and are highly trained and experienced and thus know legal jargon, terms and phrases. Our legal editors not only amend poor spelling and grammar mistakes, but also analyse the sentences to ensure that information is clearly and logically presented.


Our specialists ensure

• correct spelling and punctuation
• flawless grammar and syntax
• uniform use of abbreviations
• avoidance of filler words and redundant expressions
• logical consistency
• apt choice of words
• correct citing of legal resources (e.g. using Harvard or OSCOLA)

Additionally, we scrutinise work by applying the following additional criteria:

• Reasoning
• Plausibility gaps
• Weighting of individual topics, especially with regards to the question
• Improving unscientific (colloquial) expressions or stylistic weaknesses
• Verification of logic and argumentation lines
• Visibility of clear argument and convincing conclusion


Punctuation, spelling and grammar

Punctuation is amended, as correct this renders the contents easy to read. Equally, spelling and/or grammar mistakes are amended in order to avoid that these obscure the meaning. We also get rid of elisions and ensure that tenses are used appropriately and consistently throughout the work.

Level of language and objective legal writing

Legal writing is different to every day English. We therefore ensure that the language and writing style is suitable for academic discourse. In case the work is written in an informal manner, our professionals edit the work, so that the level of language becomes more formal. Similarly, if the work is written in a personal manner, it is changed into objective academic writing. Inaccurately used words and legal terminology are identified and amended.

We always study the whole work and analyse whether the law and relevant literature are sufficiently covered. It is crucial that your work remains your own and we therefore leave it up to you to accept suggestions.

Syntax and structure

We correct your sentence structure and syntax, making it easier for the reader to understand and more succinctly convey your arguments.


We check that the same style is employed throughout the entire work, rendering the work more consistent.


We also ensure that referencing is undertaken correctly in accordance with the particular rules of particular referencing systems, such as the Oxford University Standard for Citation of Legal Authorities (OSCOLA) or the Harvard standard. However, we can only amend existing references in accordance with the particular prescribed rules.

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