1.1 Essaylaw.co.uk “EL” (the trading name) shall mean Kraund Ltd.

1.2 “Client” shall denote the party ordering the services at EL. 1.3 “Order” shall signify the EL Request Quote Form from our webpage or an e-mail sent to us from the Client including any other instructions and correspondence provided by the Client. 1.4 “Services” shall refer to the services detailed on the payment invoice sent to the Client once they have been finished and as EL has confirmed to provide to the customer per these terms and conditions.


2.1 A contract has not been created except when the Client has made an Offer to EL, and EL has communicated to the Client that it accepts the Offer.

2.2 EL offers the various services only in so far as it has available writers and tutors. When the Client has pre-paid for writing services, and if EL is unable to appoint a writer within 48 hours of receiving the payment then EL will issue a refund to the Client in full.

2.3 Where the Client and EL have agreed that tutoring services will be provided, the Client has to notify EL 24 hours prior to any cancellation to not pay any charges except a different agreement has been reached.

2.4 In case writing services must be completed in under 72 hours; if EL is unable to appoint a writer within 18 hours of receiving the payment, it will issue a full refund to the Client.


3.1 Typically EL requires that the Client pays upfront prior to starting any work, but in case EL has agreed to instalment payment the customer is required to pay on the dates which have been agreed. In case of a failure to pay on the agreed dates, EL will be allowed to cease work without any liability for not performing under the agreement or in any other way until the Client makes the payment.

3.2 The Client agrees that EL's strict no refund policy applies and is binding because the services which are provided are highly tailored and customised and individual. The Client agrees that a refund will only be made in exceptional circumstances, for example when there has been an entire failure to deliver a job. EL has complete discretion to issue refunds.

3.3 In circumstances where the services must be delivered within seven working days from the day the Contract has been entered into, the Client is not entitled to cancel the contract. The Client may cancel the contract within seven working days from when it has been entered into, so long as EL can charge for any direct expenses/costs resulting from the Client’s order. The Client agrees that these terms which must be guaranteed by EL comply with Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000, as amended. In case the Client is permitted to cancel, EL confirms that the Client will be refunded the same amount as paid by the Client for supplying the services minus any direct expenses/costs which have been incurred within 13 working days from the cancellation notice provided to EL


4.1 EL hereby warrants the following: -.

4.1.1. The Services contain no plagiarism.

4.1.2. EL won't re-sell, re-distribute or re-publish any written material delivered to the customer as part of its writing services.

4.2 These guarantees contained in 4.1 depend on the Client's agreeing to:

4.2.0. That the Client will be charged for any tutoring services, including for accent softening and elocution lessons, which have been scheduled to take place on a particular date and at a particular time in circumstances where the Client doesn't notify EL in writing 48 hours prior the appointment.

4.2.1. That any writing service offered to them by EL is intended and sold only for the aim of motivating that Client's own work, namely by providing an illustration of model writing, expression and research and how to structure ideas.

The Client is not allowed to use the work as his/her very own work, whether in part or entirely, to their college, school, university or other educational institution.

4.2.2. Not to re-distribute, sell, or re-print, or in any other manner breach the copyright of any written work purchased from EL.

4.2.3. That EL is entitled to decline to carry on preparing or to sell written work, either partly or entirely, which EL has the suspicion are being utilised in violation of any part of these terms and conditions.

4.2.4. That the Client has to completely scrutinise and check, prior to placing an order with EL, the relevant regulations, rules, and provisions of his/her school or university which apply preparing and submitting academic works, and also to verify whether these regulations, rules, and provisions allow services like the ones provided by EL.

4.2.5. The Client will examine the written work to check that it meets the requested standard for which s/he has paid. In the event that the Client considers the work not to meet the requested standard, s/he may ask within six working days from receiving the work that it is altered without any charge to meet the requested standard. The Client agrees that changes can only be deemed valid if they have been notified within six working days from receiving the work and that changes which the Client requests after six working days will not be undertaken without additional payment and that EL can decline to make the alterations.

4.2.6. All written work provided by EL to the Client is solely intended to be utilised as an example or model of how the Client's own work could be like. For the Client to submit any written work prepared by EL as if it was prepared by the Client is strictly proscribed by EL and amounts to a violation of EL’s copyright.

4.2.7. That in case the Client is assured that his/her University allows the use of EL’s Services, then s/he must further determine whether it is required to refer to EL’s services and the Client confirms that EL has not provided the Client with any advice at all on this matter, and it falls entirely on the Client to reach a judgement in respect of this.

4.2.8. That the services are only provided as academic educational support and do not amount to professional advice in any form.

4.3 EL overtly and clearly admonishes all kinds of plagiarism and is entitled to refuse its services to a person EL has evidence has engaged in plagiarism


Subject to EL’s privacy terms on its website; EL confirms that the use of the services by the Client will be confidential and that no details about the Client or otherwise will be intentionally provided to third parties.


All of EL’s services are the copyright of EL and remain EL’s copyright. None of the materials provided by EL can be displayed, redistributed or reproduced, without EL expressly agreeing to this. The Client must indemnify EL in respect of all liability for copyright infringement or a similar claim for violating this provision.


EL cannot be made responsible for failure or delay to fulfil its duties under the terms and conditions in circumstances where the failure or delay stems from a cause which is outside its reasonable control


8.1 When the Client fails to pay, EL has immediately the right to terminate the agreement with the Client by notifying the Client and without providing an allowance or rebate to the Client.

8.2 In the case that EL terminates the agreement because of the Client’s breach of its terms and conditions the Client must instantly pay all money due to EL all under the agreement without any allowance or refund.


EL hereby reserves its right to alter the terms and conditions. The Client’s contract with EL is subject to these terms and conditions when the Client approves the Order and pays except any government authority or law necessitates changes to the terms and conditions. If a condition is void or is considered invalid or otherwise not enforceable that condition will be considered severable and as a result will not impact the enforceability and the validity of the other conditions


The Law of England & Wales solely governs the contract between EL and its Clients including these terms and conditions.